Appeal to stimulate rail freight by supporting Governmental policy


The competitiveness of rail freight transportation in the Netherlands is seriously under pressure. The introduction of ERTMS and the exponential increase in infrastructural charges cause structurally loss-making operations with subsequently a lack of investments and innovation in the rail freight industry. By a decrease in rail freight transport the accessibility and the competitiveness of the Dutch seaports, terminals and industry are also coming under heavy pressure.

Germany has chosen to reduce the cost for the use of the rail infrastructure significantly. This because rail contributes to environmentally friendly, safe and efficient transport of freight in the Netherlands and Europe.

What is needed for competitive rail freight transport?

  • Substantial reduction of the infra charge for rail freight transport so that the cost for the use of the railways are in line with truck and barge (level playing field).
  • Stop ERTMS roll-out and make a new consideration. Link up with the German policy for railway safety systems. Guarantee interoperability with neighbouring countries, so no local ERTMS system! Adopt only proven technology that will last for decades. Compensate rail road companies for cost of requirements which the Dutch government imposes for the railway infrastructure.
  • Compensation for costs arising from national laws and regulations on top of the European laws and regulations.

Appeal to Parliament

We request the Dutch Parliament to make the Dutch rail freight transport attractive so that shippers more often choose rail. And the Netherlands is no more out of line with extremely high cost for rail transport in comparison to Germany. We refer to the German Masterplan for Rail Freight Transportation of June 23d 2017 in which is clear what, by whom and when will be realized.

Benefits for the Netherlands

  • A substantial CO2-reduction, relieving road congestion and a strong growth of rail freight transport when it is attractive again for shippers.
  • Substantial contribution to the greening of freight transportation in the framework of the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Improving the accessibility of the Dutch seaports and industry and of the business climate. This is good for employment and leads to more economic development.

Stimulating rail freight transport is good for the quality of life and the economy of the Netherlands

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